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Janet Gardner, daughter of Mark Barclay Gardner, son of Brigham Evenson Gardner, son of Neil Gardner, son of Archibald Gardner

Archibald Gardner was born September 2, 1814, in Kilsythe, Stirling, Scotland, the sixth child of Robert Gardner and Margaret Calinder. He immigrated to Canada with his mother, following his father, in 1822 and settled in Dalhousie with his family. In 1835 he followed his brother William to Warwick, where he farmed and built two grist (flour) mills and a saw mill. He married Margaret Livingston February 19, 1839 (12 children: Robert, Neil, Archibald, Janet, Fanny, Margaret, Sarah, Mary Ellen, Abbie, Rachel Maria, Delila, and Carrie Andrus (adopted)). He first heard the restored gospel in March 1845 and was baptized the following month. The extended Gardner family traveled to Nauvoo, arriving after the Saints had left the city, then moved on to Winter Quarters. In June 1847 Archibald and his family left for the Salt Lake Valley in Bishop Edward Hunter's company, Archibald serving as a captain of ten (including the families of his brothers William and Robert and others from Warwick). They arrived in Salt Lake City September 29.

The following year Archie and Robert constructed a saw mill and a grist mill on Mill Creek. In 1849 Archibald married Abigail Sprague Bradford (widow of Hial Bradford, whose five children became part of the Gardner household) and her daughter Mary Ann (one child: Mary Elizabeth). In 1850 Archie and Robert built a saw mill and in 1853 a grist mill on the Jordan River. In 1858, in the face of the threat of the Utah War Archibald's family, consisting of nine wives, fifteen children, seven step-children and an adopted Indian girl (Fanny), moved to Spanish Fork. Archibald left behind a homestead at Mill Creek, the mills in the canyon above, a grist mill and carding machine on the Big Cottonwood stream, a grist mill and saw mill on the Jordan River, and the "big hay field" of about 1,000 acres in the river bottoms in the southern end of Salt Lake Valley. Archie began to build a large home for his family in Spanish Fork.

The following spring President Brigham Young sent word for Archibald to come to Salt Lake City to be ordained bishop of the West Jordan Ward, which occurred in March or April of 1859. He served in the territorial legislature from 1878-1882. In 1886 he spent several months in Mexico to escape the federal marshals, who were on the trail of polygamists. In 1889 he moved to Star Valley, Wyoming, to escape the persecution. From this time his family were spread across three locations, Spanish Fork, West Jordan, and Afton, Wyoming. In May of 1891 he was released as bishop of the West Jordan Ward, having served for 32 years. Archibald Gardner died February 8, 1902, in West Jordan.

caption: Four Generations: (from the left) Neil Gardner, Vernon Neil Gardner, Neil Livingston Gardner, Archibald Gardner

Archibald Gardner and the Ice Flow

President Brigham Young's Counsel and Reproof to Bishop Archibald Gardner

Archibald Gardner's Advice on the Foundation of the Salt Lake Temple

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