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Stoddards and Ryus, Ladies and Gentlemen, random people who stumbled onto this page!

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Below is the Mark-and-Willow-get-hitched-wiki. I (Mark) hope all of you will appreciate this dazzling technology (thanks Neil) which will allow all of you to tell me exactly what you think ought to be done and when. Of course, the mighty Mark/Willow Grand Poobah will have the final say about how things go, but this will obviously be largely based on contributions from all of you guys.

Editing this wiki is fairly simple - not to terribly different from handling a Word document. Basically, you'll need to sign in ([1]) or get an account ([2]) and then choose to "edit" ([3]) the main wiki page. If you want to edit sub-pages, you just go to that page and choose the "edit"option on the top of the article. For further information see the instructions for editing the Mark and Willow wiki.

On to business!

1) The Sealing @ DC

Willow and I will be getting hitched at the DC temple at 1:00 PM on May 26. We understand that we are moving fairly quickly (why wait?) and that many people will have conflicts with May 26. However, we think that day is sort of for the two of us, whereas the reception will be more for others, especially family and close friends.

On May 26, the escorts, the blushing bride, and the ridiculously manly groom need to be at the front desk by 12 PM. The rest of the party needs to be there by 12:30 PM. We will be using a sealing room with seating for 38 people. We could potentially go to a larger one, but I doubt that will be necessary unless there is a great outcry from the plebs (plebians) so we'll see how it fills up.

For more details, questions, etc. please see the Mark and Willow get sealed at Washington DC page.

2) The Reception

Friday, June 29, 2007. 6-9pm at the Stoddards' home.

192 South 17th Street

Pittsburgh Pa, 15203

In case of rain it will be at:

Pittsburgh 7th Ward LDS chapel

250 North Dithridge Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

For more information see the Wedding Reception/Mini Family Reunion 2007 page.

Willow and I are considering the reception to be the "main" event when most of the family will be coming. Willow's family ought to be in attendance, and we hope to get as many people (especially family) as would like to come. Below is a new chart I would like yinz guys to fill in.

So now we need to know (for Mom and Dad Stoddard's benefit) when people will be appearing in Pittsburgh.

Name Arrival Departure
Willow and Mark We will be arriving on Friday, June 29. We will leave on Monday, July 2.
Mom and Dad Stoddard(and Eric) We'll be here. We're not going anywhere. I guess you can say that we're the stable factor.
Mom and Dad Ryu They will arrive at Washington DC on June 27 and will be driving up to Pittsburgh with Mark and Willow. They will be returning to Washington DC with Mark and Willow and leaving on July 3 from Washington DC.
Chris and Robert Arrival Departure
Eun Jeong and Kenny Arrival Departure
Mary Ann and Geoff Arrival Departure
Jess and Neil Neil has Wednesday June 27th through Friday the 29th off. We will fly into Pittsburgh either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. We have to be back in Texas by the 2nd. Jessica has an appointment at MD Anderson in the morning on the third.
Amus Ruffus Amy will be here in summer school Amy's not going anywhere either.

Also, please add other suggestions or changes to the wiki as you guys deem fit. No, seriously, totally change the format or my punctuation or whatever.

Vamos que se puede!

--Mark.stoddard 21:05, 14 April 2007 (CDT)

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