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George Evan Stoddard, son of George Earl Stoddard, Jr., son of Elthira Dana Thomas, daughter of Sarah Helen Dana

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Sarah Helen "Nellie" Dana was born August 18, 1862, in Ogden, Weber County, Utah, the daughter of Charles Root Dana and Mary Ann Cato. On March 28, 1888, she married Heber Harris Thomas in the Logan Temple. He had received a mission call to Great Britain and did not want to leave his mother alone and without care. On 11 April he left his "wife mother, home and friends" to serve his mission.

While Heber was laboring as a missionary in England and Wales, Nellie continued her teaching at Ogden's Central School. At the close of Heber's mission in 1890 she decided to quit her job and join him for a sojourn abroad and a long-delayed honeymoon. After three months they were home again.

Over the next years Heber and Nellie's household grew. Nellie's mother, Mary Ann Cato Dana Odell, a widow since her second husband's death in 1873, asked if she and her teenage son Joseph Odell might move in. Joseph soon left for college in Logan, but Mary Ann stayed for 16 years, until the Thomases moved to the State Industrial School. In 1891 Heber and Nellie's first child, Heber Harris Thomas, Jr. (Harris), was born, followed by Elthira Dana Thomas (Thyra) in 1893, and Joseph in 1899. Heber's mother died in 1900. Helen was born in 1901, and Kathryn in 1905.
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